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Pilots go through years of training, fulfill stringent health requirements, and incur considerable expenses to obtain their license. While the career of a pilot is full of enthralling experiences, it demands great vigilance and skills. A slight medical problem or a minor mistake could ground a pilot, resulting in revocation of their license, as well as loss of income.

At EXL, together with the Hellenic Pilots Association, we aim to provide professional pilots peace of mind in case their license is revoked. We understand the problems faced by pilots when it comes to obtaining Loss of License insurance policy at affordable rates.

What is Loss of License insurance (LoL)?

The Loss of License product was developed to provide a lump sum or monthly payments if you are prevented from flying temporarily or permanently, due to revocation or loss of your license, as a result of accident or illness.

Who is eligible to apply for LoL?

This is a voluntary scheme for Pilots and First Officers – including rotor wing pilots, members of the Hellenic Pilots Association, that at inception hold a valid and current Commercial Pilots License or an Air Transport Pilots License meeting the requirements of ICAO Annex 1 and a current pass certificate by an Aviation Medical Examiner.

Maximum entry age to the program is 55. The program provides cover up to the age of 63.

What are the Maximum Sums Insured ?

Each member of the scheme chooses his/hers own insured amounts. However:

The Maximum Sum Insured For Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) is:
The Maximum Sum Insured For Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) is:
How do I apply for LoL ?

Please fill-in and send us the form below. We will revert back to you with a fully detailed quotation within the next two working days.

And then ?

If you find the quotation to your satisfaction, we will send you an application form for you to fill-in and sign.

You will then need to send us your application form and we will revert within the next two working days with premium payment instructions.

Your insurance will be in place only after you pay your premiums in full.

Following receipt of your premiums we will issue and send to you the formal policy documentation.

For any information please contact Mrs Rena Lironi (rlironi@exl.gr or +30 210 9803375).

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