Following last year’s success Stavros Papagiannopoulos was invited back to the “Business Continuity & Supply Chain Conference”, organized by the Supply Chain Institute of Southeastern & Central Europe, that took place on October 14, 2015 in Athens Greece, this time to participate as panelist and selected “Think Tank” Member, along with other prominent figures in the field the likes of Supply Chain Managers and Directors of some of the largest international and local companies in Greece as well as recognized industry experts.

Supply chain market trends were emerged during the Conference attended by 180 commercial and industrial markets executives as well as 3rd Party Logistics providers.

This year’s Conference adopted the “Think Tank” Approach, with “Think Tank” members convening twice in late September and early October 2015, in order through personal experiences, practices, points of view, as well as professional knowledge and expertise, to put forward thought-provoking material to be presented during the Conference by appointed facilitators.

In times of a deep and ongoing crisis the Conference provided much needed information and the opportunity to participants to brainstorm with others who experience the same problems as themselves.

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