We are EXL Consulting

We are Risk Managers & Insurance Brokers

We help companies and family offices, manage their operational, accidental, financial and strategic risks.

We identify, evaluate, reduce & transfer those risks through a clear and structured approach. We also help them with risk financing through insurance, so they don’t have to tie-up hard working capital in order to take on the total cost of a catastrophic loss.

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Risk Management

We provide a range of specialist risk management services in order to assist you in identifying, evaluating, reducing and treating, your accidental, operational, financial and strategic risks.

Risk Engineering

Through our risk engineering services,
we work with you to help you identify
your operational hazards throughout
your system and prevent disasters from happening.


We tailor, negotiate and effect
on your behalf the best value
for money insurance protection
in the local or the international markets.

Employee Benefits

An attractive benefits program helps
bring-in top-caliber professionals
to form, or become part of,
a highly competitive team.

Our executive team


Safety and Loss Prevention Audits (“better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”)

You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow. George W. Bush. The usual expression is “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”, and it also holds true with hidden operational risks and inefficiencies. Therefore, the Safety and Loss Prevention Audit, or in fact, when risks that remain undetected or are detected too late reveal themselves, comes with a price tag and at times a sharp price tag that is. It can even trigger crises at operating unit level or even at corporate level.

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Succeeding in the post-COVID era

Succeeding in the post-COVID era means reassessing Corporate Risk A more agile approach to risk management is needed post-COVID. Annual risk assessment should make way for continual ‘horizon-scanning’ for possible business threats. This level of preparedness and planning should permeate entire company cultures.

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