Complaints Management Policy

Our company has adopted and implements – in accordance with the applicable law – a Complaint Management Policy under which it undertakes the substantive and objective investigation of the complaints that come from our customers and/or third parties and which concern our services.


What is the complaint?

The complaint is a statement of dissatisfaction with our services as an insurance intermediary.

The concept of complaint does not include:

– Claims notifications

– Compensations requests

– Sections related to the execution of the policy


How can you submit your complaint?

You can submit your complaint by filling in the respective form, which you can find by clicking here.

You can forward the completed complaint form to us:

  1. By email at
  2. By fax to 210 9803379
  3. By post to 46Β A. Metaxa Ave., 16674 Glyfada, attention to Mr. Michalis Akassis

What is the procedure we follow after the complaint?

Once we receive your complaint form, we will file it and we will confirm receipt.

Within 50 days of the date of receipt of the complaint, we will respond in writing. If, for any reason, we cannot meet the above deadline, we will inform you in writing for the reasons of the delay and the expected time to complete the process.

Please note that the process of submitting your complaint does not interrupt the lapse of your legal interest.

If your complaint relates to an insurance company working with us, we will notify you that it will be forwarded to the insurance company in order to be investigated.

If our response does not satisfy you, you reserve the right to forward your complaint to the following institutions:




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