Our Strategic Relationships

As we say, at EXL we are a team of young thinking individuals – dedicated professionals, with finance, insurance, law, engineering, safety & loss prevention and risk management background. We are old enough to have acquired expertise and know-how through our past experience with leading insurance and risk management organizations worldwide. In fact we could easily sum between us up to 150+ years of consolidated experience.

At the same time we maintain strong relationships with well-known and respected partners and industry associations. And we have aligned our interests with an extended network of best-in-class organizations in highly specialized segments of our industry on a mutually strategic partnership for expertise exchange.

We could undertake a complex cross border multi-part merger, or run a risk assessment evaluation in a highly dangerous infections biotechnology laboratory. We could get involved in the launching of a satellite into orbit or address the risk culture issues of a plant in the Niger Delta. Take care of the risks of a pipeline spanning several countries or being laid on the ocean floor. Manage the risks of a Bank or the Kidnap & Ransom exposure of a global industrial group. As a matter of fact, we have undertaken most of those projects and much more.

Because at the end of the day what clients pay for is to give them our best and if need be bringing aboard the most qualified talent in the exceptionally specialized field of interest to meet the requirements of the task at hand.

Because we respect our clients and we take great pride in servicing their needs.

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